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this is a beautiful disaster

you just can't see it yet

30 December 1984


Name: Caz

Age: 24 years and counting

Occupation: Mommy. Working on the rest of that. Failing economy? Not my friend...

Identifying Marks: 1. Blue rose tattoo on left shoulder blade
2. A black and grey luck dragon tattoo on the marjority of lower back

Ambition in life: Happiness. Or, failing that, a reasonable facsimile of.

Pet peeves: Bad spelling/grammar, rude people, being lied to, the list goes on, I'm sure.

Favorite saying: Look...something shiny!

Best Quality: My way with words; I've been known to compose quite the email. Also, the lulz. I tend to bring them. But that's just what I say. Maybe someone who's not me would say something different.

Mottos: ::If at first you don't succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it::
::Life is not like the movies; everybody lies, good guys lose, and love does not conquer all::
::Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket::

Favorite Movie: Couldn't say. Last thing I really dug was The Dark Knight. Which goes to show you how often I go to the movies.

Fandom: Admittedly, I haven't been deep into fandom lately on account of I've been too busy roleplaying. And having serious drama. But mostly rp.

Favorite Song: It's just easier to look at my last.fm. My music tastes change so often, even I don't know what I like anymore. At the moment, I'm really into Anastacia's Everything Burns.

Other: Occasionally I have random muses that won't be shut up, and when this happens, you'll find a new post over at fracturedmuses. Feel free to friend there if you'd like, though there'll be no real life type posts there. It's not really me you're friending, it's my muses.
Most often I can be found roleplaying at dauphinmare. And by more often, I pretty much mean all the time. Unless I'm working, because they'd spork me if I did it there. But the rest of the time, that's where I am. Or at a couple of other games that are doomed to fail less Epic.


Frank Iero~amas_veritas_x

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